Happy Thanksgiving from Kylie & Me

Happy Thanksgiving from Kylie & Me

Kylie and I moved to Arkansas from Cincinnati in March of 2020. As you might expect, it was quite an interesting time to move--lockdown, work from home, and social distancing made it a little hard to acclimate to our new town and find a community of our own here. Luckily for us, having a houndie (or, in Kylie's case, being a houndie) means instant friendship with other houndies and their people. So was the case for us in Arkansas. 

The first time it happened Kylie and I (and Kylie's human dad) were eating crepes on the town square when we were stopped by a couple our age who wanted to pet Kylie. Come to find out, they also had a greyhound (and another dog...who had three legs). We swapped numbers. Friendship #1 aqcuired. 

A few days later, we were walking Kylie at a local park when we noticed the girl running by fulling turning her head to gawk at Kylie as she passed. This is normal--Kylie's a three legged dog and this always draws attention from strangers. We thought nothing of it and continued on our way. When she passed us a second time on her way back, she did a u-turn to ask us about Kylie. We soon learned that she and her partner were also greyhound parents. We exchanged numbers. And so began friendship #2.

In the years since, the six of us (and Kylie, Gravy, and Tali the houndies + Lola, the three-legged honorary greyhound) have formed quite the squad. This Thanksgiving, we celebrated with our greyhound gang and favorite pups and I'm reminded how grateful I am that houndie-parenthood could bring us all together and create such an awesome group of friends. 

Kylie and I hope you all had a greyt Thanksgiving of good food, great company, and lots of laughs. Sneak your houndies a bite of turkey for Kylie and me. :)


kylie & me

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