Kylie Gets a Fence!

Kylie Gets a Fence!

When I adopted Kylie, I was fresh out of school, had just started my first job, and living in a TINY apartment. It felt lonely and too quiet and so I decided a dog was a must. I'd had a greyhound growing up and knew they'd make the perfect apartment dogs. After a little bit of searching, I found the perfect group and, though she manipulated me into adopting her (it's a story for another day), settled on the perfect houndie.

All this to say: Kylie has always been leashed walked. I mean, she's hung out at her friends' houses a few times and experienced the freedom of a yard, but she's always been content on a leash. She's not been much of a zoomer in her retirement anyways (except for that one time when she lost a leg...). 

I joked when I started Kylie and Me that the goal was to use the funds to build Kylie a fence. At the time, I lived in an apartment, which made the goal pretttttty lofty, but fast forward two years and here we are.

We bought a house at the start of 2020 and Kylie officially became a houndie with a yard. WOOT. The only catch: no fence. So not much changed, but she did snoofer the perimeter of her new yard every morning perhaps as a way of keep track of the goings on. 

Here's the thing: Kylie may not be a zoomer, but she is a water dog. This means that every summer she can be found laying in the water at her favorite park, splish splashing through the water park, taking a break during her walk in a cool rain puddle, or lounging in her baby pool...all with me nearby hanging onto the other end of the leash. This kinda cramped Kylie's style a bit as she wanted to swim all day and I found standing there in the heat a little...not my thing. 

And that brings us to this weekend when Kylie's summertime dreams finally came true and her favorite humans lovingly built her a tiny little fence around her tiny little yard. And let me tell you, when construction wrapped up yesterday and we let Kylie outside for a little test drive, my 8 year old never zoomer, was ZOOMING. I think she's a fan.

Little does Kylie know, her week's only getting better, as we have plans to set up her baby pool in the next few days. The weather's getting warmer in Arkansas and Kylie's always eager to dive head first into pool season. I've also been working on a fun hooded towel for her so she can dry off in style. I'll let  you know how it turns out!

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