Making Magic from Scraps

Making Magic from Scraps

When I make a collar, I start by cutting the fabric to the right width before I cut it to the correct length for the size of collar ordered. This means there's usually a leftover swatch of fabric. Because I've got a slight tendency to hold on to everything, this small square of fabric ends up in a scrap fabric bin to eventually  be turned into something. In the last few weeks, Kylie and I have been making collars like crazy in preparation for our first in-person markets in the coming months, meaning we've got a lot of scrap fabric on our hands and it's gotten a bit out of control. So I finally started working on those tiny fabric projects I'd been putting off for a little while. I thought I'd walk you through some of the ways I repurpose remnant fabric to make fun and one of a kind houndie fashions.

1. Patchwork Coats: Patchwork coats are a fan favorite. The first patchwork coat I made was made from scraps I had leftover after making coats for Kylie and all her friends. Meaning, each square was a subtle reminder of all her friends. 

Nowadays, not much has changed. After making a fleece coat or pair of pajamas, I cut up the remaining fabric into squares and stow them away. Each patchwork coat that is ordered is totally unique and made to order. You're welcome to give no direction and let yourself be surprised or work with me to create a patchwork and color scheme that your houndie will love. No matter which way you go, you can rest assured there won't be another coat out there exactly like it!

2. Collar Bling: Some fabric remnants are pretty tiny and there's not much they can be turned into. For those pieces, I make "collar bling"--flowers and bows that attach to your houndie's collar for some added fun. Unlike patchwork coats, these aren't necessarily 100% unique, as some fabric prints have a lot of scraps and allow me to make multiple flowers and bows in the same print. Kylie and I have spent quite a bit of time ironing bows and sewing flowers lately--we've made over 150 flowers and bows in the last few weeks! 

3. Scrappy Leashes: The last way we typically use our fabric remnants is by turning them into patchwork leashes. Sometimes when we make leashes, we'll but the leash down to size, leaving a smidge of fabric leftover. We sew these small pieces together to create a fun mishmash of prints and colors. A leash sure to match any collar! These are a great solution if you can't decide on just one fabric or if you're looking for a leash unlike any other. 

I like to think I'm contributing in a small way to sustainable houndie fashion--by turning scraps that would otherwise be thrown away into something useful, fashionable, and fun. Which scrappy design is your favorite? Let us know below and check out all our scrappy designs on our website!

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The best kind of sustainability! Reduce waste and make incredible fashion. Kylie is doing them all <3


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