Spooky Season with Kylie

Spooky Season with Kylie

Spooky season is upon us and it's got us thinking about costumes. Kylie and I love Halloween and Kylie is the reigning champ at the costume contest. As we do every year, we've been reminiscing on the costumes of years past. We thought we'd bring you along. 

When I first met Kylie she was kind of...well...mean to other dogs. Not houndies, but dogs. She growled if they approached and really wanted nothing to do with them. Quarantine has helped solidify to her the importance of having dog friends, so she's much nicer and very tolerate now, but back then she was a total dog-hater. So fittingly, she went as Cruella De Vil.

Kylie's first Halloween as Cruella De Vil

Halloween of 2018 was fraught with emotion after her amputation a few months prior. In an effort to cope, I decided to poke fun at her situation. Milking the pity vote, Kylie went decked out in her pinata costume, complete with a detached paper mache leg and candy glued onto her stump, and took home 1st place that year at the costume contest.

Kylie's second Halloween as a pinata.

Since then, I’ve made it a goal to incorporate her missing leg into her costume in some way. Part of it is creating a costume that is uniquely Kylie--something that only she can pull off. Another part of it is to draw attention to what most people are a little afraid to ask about. We welcome any chance to talk about Kylie and all the ways she’s taught us to heal, to overcome, and to poke fun while embracing who we are.

Check out other Kylies of Halloweens past:

Kylie as a genie for her third Halloween. She jumped out of the magic lamp at the bottom of her cloud, but you get the idea.Kylie's fourth Halloween as Poppy from Trolls.Kylie's fifth Halloween as a flamingo.

All this to say...we're a little stuck on what she should be this year.

A shark attack victim? Kylie in a lil' bikini top with board shorts and a missing leg. Is that enough costume? Is the idea too cliche?

Kylie Cyrus? Complete with wrecking ball? Is that possible? Is it exciting enough?

A garden gnome? It'd be cute for sure with a lil' gnome beard hanging from Kylie's chin, but is it enough to win the costume contest?

What do you think? Do you guys have any good suggestions or ideas? Let us know! And share with us what you (and you pup?) are dressing as for Halloween! 



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Kaite! Oh my gosh I love ALL of Kylie’s costumes. The piñata was my favorite, then the troll 🤣
I vote for the shark attack victim!
Midge and Huckle The Hounds


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