What's So Cool About Martingales

What's So Cool About Martingales

You might have noticed our collars don't have buckles. For those we meet in person who aren't familiar with martingales, this always baffles them. How do these collar work? Which loop do you put your houndie's head through? Why not just make buckle collars? If you're not familiar with martingales, this post is for you. 

What's a martingale, anyway?

A martingale is a limited-slip collar meant to constrict when your houndie pulls. They're made of two loops: one that adjusts and fits around your houndie's head and a smaller loop with a d-ring that allows the collar to tighten when your houndie pulls.

Because of the way martingales are made, they provide a little bit of constriction without tightening beyond your houndie's neck size, making them comfortable and functionalFor many sighthounds like greyhounds, salukis, and whippets, a martingale collar isn't a want--it's a need. For these skinny-headed houndies, a traditional buckle collar would slip right off (and you'd be left trying to catch a 45mph speed noodle--yikes). And so enters the martingale. 


But I don't have a sighthound!

No sighthound, no problem! Though martingales are a necessity in the sighthoundie community, martingales are a great fit for lots of other breeds.

For instance, martingales are a great option for puppies who are learning to walk on leash. When they pull, their collar constricts. When they stop pulling, the collar returns to it's original size. Eventually, your pup will learn to associate their pulling with the tightness, (hopefully) teaching them great leash walking skills.

For collar-escaping houndies whose collars always end up somewhere other than on their necks, martingales might also be a great fit. Unlike a buckle collar, there's no way to pop the buckle on a martingale and they won't be able to slip out of it with too much pulling during your walk. 

Regardless of your houndie's breed, martingale collars offer all houndies style, comfort, and function. 


What else should I know about martingales?

  • Martingales are suuuppppper customizable. Have a particular print in mind? Or width? Or need a special size for your houndie? We got you! Beyond being a gentle option, the fabric of our martingales makes them the fashionable option and can really embrace your houndie's style and personality.
  • Because martingales are meant to constrict, don't attach your houndie's tags to the d-ring. Instead, attach them to one of the metal rectangles that connect the small loop to the adjustable loop. 
  • When ordering your martingale, you'll need to measure the widest part of their head which is often bigger than their neck size (unless you've got a sighthound). This will be the measurement you'll want to make sure you accommodate to ensure the collar is able to comfortably fit over your houndie's head before adjusting it to their neck size. 
  • Adjusting your houndie's martingale is important! If it's too big, it'll constrict too much and be uncomfortable. If it's too tight--well, that's not comfy either. The key when adjusting your houndie's collar is the two finger rule. Can you comfortably slide two fingers between your houndie's neck and their collar? If so, great! You're good to go. If not, adjust accordingly to ensure the best (and most comfortable) fit. 


As you might have noticed, we're big martingale fans. Hopefully you are now too! Any lingering questions, feel free to ask away in the comments or shoot us a message via our contact us form. We're always happy to answer! 


Until next time!


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